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Preoreder your meals and stop stressing over lunch. Just add the meals that you would like to have on each day and select the time you would like to have them ready for pickup or delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Use this page only to preorder meals for the week.

You cannot order from the restaurant menu on this page. To order a daily special and add a restaurant item to your cart please order from the restaurant menu page

Specials For the Week of 10/23/2017

Tortilla Soup
Carrot & Ginger soup
Black Bean Soup
Butternut Squash Soup
Lentil Soup
Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup
Potato & Leek Soup
Veggie Herb Soup
Vegan Cream of Spinach Soup
Tomato & Basil Soup
Color Salad
Panda Salad
Pineapple salad
Goat Tomato Salad
Catra Salad
Cuban Bowl
Cowboy Bowl
Greek Bowl
Sweet Potato Lasagna Bowl
Argentinian Bowl
Teriyaki Bowl
Middle East Bowl
Mediterranean Bowl
Power Eggplant Bowl
Peruvian Bowl
Power Bowl
Burger Bowl
Tostadas Bowl
Tex Mex Bowl
Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowl
Italian Bowl
10/23Mon Tortilla Soup Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup Color Salad Cuban Bowl Teriyaki Bowl Power Bowl
10/24Tue Carrot & Ginger soup Potato & Leek Soup Panda Salad Cowboy Bowl Middle East Bowl Burger Bowl
10/25Wed Black Bean Soup Veggie Herb Soup Pineapple salad Greek Bowl Mediterranean Bowl Tostadas Bowl
10/26Thu Butternut Squash Soup Vegan Cream of Spinach Soup Goat Tomato Salad Sweet Potato Lasagna Bowl Power Eggplant Bowl Tex Mex Bowl Italian Bowl
10/27Fri Lentil Soup Tomato & Basil Soup Catra Salad Argentinian Bowl Peruvian Bowl Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowl

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