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What is the Smart Weight Loss?

Weight loss is achieved with the combination of a perfect ratio of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats that ensure optimal metabolic activity and result in weight loss.

    • Lose weight fast and efficiently

    • Enjoy fresh and delicious meals, never feeling like you are on a diet

    • Stop counting calories and let a professional cater your portion-controlled meals that deliver results.


How you start and close your day are critical to weight loss, so we ensure that breakfast and dinner are artfully created in this program.

While being on the Smart Weight Loss Program you will be able to enjoy a gourmet breakfast every day, ready in under 3 minutes, that will effectively jumpstart your metabolism in the morning.

The Smart Weight Loss Program offers dinner options that keep you satisfied throughout the evening and help you avoid late-night cravings.

Snacks range from savory to sweet and ensure there is something for any craving that may arise throughout the weight-loss process.

Who is this program for?

For those looking for a weight loss solution made from real food.

Sample Menu

Sample Menu


Spinach and Egg white omelette


Snack 1

Stuffed Apple



Stuffed Lettuce Boats


Snack 2

Avocado Salad Wraps



Grilled Salmon and Mixed Veggies




3 Meals + 1 Sprouted Salad + 1 Power Broth4 meals + 1 Power Snack4 meals + 1 Power Snack
Starting at 30 Per DayStarting at 35 Per DayStarting at 46 Per Day
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Choose Between Small, Medium and Large Smart Weight Loss Plans.

  • Small 1200 cal

  • Medium 1600 cal

  • Large 2200 cal




Delivered fresh before 6 am to your doorstep.

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