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What is the Smart Lifestyle?

A sensational assortment of seasonal flavors, textures and temperatures.

  • A chef-inspired program that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks per day

  • Rotating seasonal menus with over 160 meals per rotation

  • Control the calories that you consume daily and customize your meals with our online menu planner.

With a menu that is balanced and includes a wide assortment of items, meals are carefully packaged to preserve freshness. The meals are conveniently and easily transported and even easier to eat upon delivery.

This program is for those individuals that have achieved their weight-loss goals and are looking for a balanced diet in order to maintain their weight and healthy lifestyle.

This creatively crafted menu artistically delivers a gourmet experience with every meal.

Who is this program for?

The Smart Lifestyle Program is for those looking for a "farm to table" experience that allows them to treat themselves with gourmet meals while still maintaining their weight and healthy eating habits.

Sample Menu

Sample Menu


Tex Mex Breakfast Burritos

Snack 1

Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait


Grilled Beef with Couscous and Roasted Carrots

Snack 2

Granola Trail Mix Poppers


Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs



3 Meals + 1 Sprouted Salad + 1 Power Broth4 meals + 1 Power Snack4 meals + 1 Power Snack
Starting at 30 Per Day/210Starting at 35 Per Day/245Starting at 46 Per Day/322
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Choose Between Small, Medium and Large Smart Lifestyle Plans.

  • Small 1600 cal

  • Medium 2000 cal

  • Large 2500 cal


*Includes Meat, Sprouted Beans, Nutrient Dense Ingredients

Meals are delivered fresh before 6 am to your doorstep.

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