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Try out our new Bean Sprouted program today!

High Protein & Nutrition!

Great for weight gain or weight loss!

High vitamin content and is great for regulating blood sugar!

Provides essential fatty acids and lowers cholesterol!

May reduce diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease!

Let US call YOU!

Eat Smart. Eat Healthy.

Eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad. Our food is designed with the best nutrition and yet the most delicious taste there is.
Now that's quality. Try our bean sprouts meals for an experience that is great for your body.

You're probably wondering how it works?

We make sure that our service meets our clients expectations, which is why we believe that providing you all the information upfront is the best way to go. Our typical process would go like this:

1. We speak with you about your health, diet, needs, allergens and other information

2. We then consult with our nutritionist on the best line of product for you whether it be our all new fantastic bean sprouts program or one of our other healthy meal plans.

3. When we relay the information and you are ready to sign up, we provide you with a couple of documents that will help aid you through the program and another to explain cancellation policies and billing.

Our typical meal day consists of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. It's not about cutting down on food. It's about balance and proportions.

Other information:

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Since we deliver food for 2 days per delivery, we would require you to notify us 48 hours in advance so that no charge will incur.

  • How does billing work?

    We bill you in advance for your selected meal program and once you begin. You may also pause programs if for example you will be out of town for a few days and if you let us know when you will be back and want to continue, we will continue deliveries on that specified date.

  • Is the food fresh?

    We only provide the freshest meals and ingredients to our customers. We believe that freshness has big impact in taste and quality. So, we can guarantee that your meals are fresh. We also sprout our own beans and only provide them at its peak when it has the highest nutritional content and crude protein ratio. We also urge you to compare our beans to any other beans out there. We are very proud of it!


We also offer juices. Eat Healthy. Drink Healthy.


Our Philosophy

What governs us is our sincere commitment to exceed customer expectations by giving our clients excellent customer service and great food.

Our Juices

We make cold pressed juices that go great with our meal programs. Whether it be detox juices or freshly squeezed fruits, we have them. Be sure to pair them with a meal program for a better experience and fast results.

What Makes US Different

It's not just good food or nutrition values. It's our commitment to excellence that makes us proud and different!

  • Fresh, High Quality Preparation

    By sprouting our own beans, we can guarantee you only the freshest and most tasty meals that are derived from this amazing vegetable.

  • Focused On Your Health

    You are sure to get a great amount of vitamins and minerals like calcium, copper, zinc, iron, potassium and B vitamins.

  • Friendly Pricing

    We offer the best prices in town for the most healthy meal program without sacrificing the taste, quality and freshness.

  • Easy Meal Customizations

    If you require any changes to ingredients or perhaps are allergic to anything, you have the freedom to make changes.

  • Top Notch Customer Service

    Our customer service team is available and ready to help you with any issues, concerns, requests or feedback. We take this seriously.

  • A Real Time Saver

    Like all our other programs, you won't have to worry about anything. It's like having your own personal chef that keeps an eye out on your health and diet.

Frequently asked questions

Here some things you are probably asking yourself:

What kind of meal programs do you offer?

We have 5 different meal programs that you can choose from depending on your goal. We have the Paleo program that's more on body building. Organic, which based on research, helps lessen allergies when they eat only organic food. Detox for flushing out toxins and quick weight loss and, lastly, our 80/20 program which has a little bit of everything and is good for beginners on a healthy meal program.

Can I select meals I would like throughout the week?

Yes you can! However, this will be based on a set menu that we provide you. Also, we understand that every individual has specific nutritional needs, if you have any allergens, we want to make sure that it is not going to be included in any of the meals that you will be getting. The rest will be taken care of for your convenience.

How do I get the meals everyday?

We will deliver it at your doorstep in cooler bags early in the morning.

When is delivery and what time?

We deliver it early in the morning, 3 times a week: Mondays(for Mon-Tues meals), Wednesdays(for Wed-Thurs meals) and Fridays(for Fri-Sun meals) which have to be stored in a cool place to maintain its freshness.

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