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Founded by William Ltaif in 2007, Smart Bites To Go has elevated healthy eating to an entirely new level. Our clients quickly discover that this is not just an ordinary diet program. Smart Bites delivers artisanal, fresh – never frozen – nutritious and gourmet meals directly to their doorstep three mornings every week.

We understand the time and creativity needed to research, plan, shop and prepare enticing and healthy meals. We also know that it is easy to quickly become bored eating the same things day after day, and this boredom often leads to falling off the "diet wagon."

For the price of weekly groceries and occasionally dining out, Smart Bites delivers an impressive selection of delicious gourmet meals that have been specially prepared by our chef using only locally grown products.

Our Smart Bites nutritionists have evaluated common dietary concerns and we have designed six unique programs, each of which may be individually tailored to meet our customers’ personal taste preferences. An assessment with our Nutritional Concierge Team allows us to create the perfect meal plan for you – one that stays within proper nutritional guidelines.

Our Vegetarian, Detox, Organic, Paleo, 80/20 and Athletic Program meals and snacks arrive three mornings each week, delivered in chilled, portion-controlled, individual serving containers – ready to heat and enjoy.

Smart Bites' clients relish their free time out of the market and out of the kitchen. Visit our Programs page or have a chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives, and let us do the same for you!

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